Better Search Engine Optimisation - Tip 1

Posted By Dave on Jan 18, 2014

I have been working as a web developer for nearly 10 years and have heard every 'trick' for SEO. There is no exact science for SEO no matter what you may have heard.

The ever changing world of SEO can be a tricky one but with a lot of research I have found some rules of thumb that help me to create better webpages not only for search engines but for the end user too.


Tip 1: Content is King

Google's latest Algorithm (Panda Version 24), released in February 2013 focuses on the content of your website. 

Search Engines make their money by recommending the best websites for any given search so it is their goal to find the best website for that search term.

Write for your customer not the search engine.

By this I mean, your customer or reader is the main target of the website not search engines, base the content of your website on what is best for the end user and you will rank higher in the search results.

If you try to trick the system you will fail, and eventually you will drop down in search results. Panda looks for low quality and duplicate content and if it is found you will be marked down.

If this post is popular enough I will add a new tip every week.

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