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Are you looking to change direction but you can't see the wood from the trees? If so, a business review, or what we sometimes call a Brand Essence Review, might be just what you need.

Some call it a strategy review or business makeover. It doesn’t matter; they all amount to the same thing, a recognition and desire to take a fresh look at your business. We like to call it a brand essence review, because only when you extract the essence of your brand, can you tell your story in a way that will interest and excite people.

A brand essence review is a thorough analysis of a business venture from a marketing perspective. It takes the form of an in-depth brainstorming session with you and the key stakeholders, facilitated by us over the course of a half day.

The aim is to provide an open forum for everyone involved to describe the business in their own words, voice their opinions, share their concerns and offer suggestions on future strategy and direction.

The objective is to strip away the layers of corporate speak and get to the essence of your business and brand. The result is a document that summarises the key findings and provides a blue print for moving forward.

As follows are some of the key questions we ask:

  • Motivation - Why would anyone buy from you?
  • Performance - How do you compare to your competitors?
  • Personality - What type of characteristics do you display?
  • Role - What part do you play in the lives of your customers?
  • Brand Essence - What are you really selling?

A brand essence review is a fresh approach to business analysis and uses a number of visual techniques to encourage discussion and generate ideas. By raising issues and gaining consensus, it provides the basis for better planning.

It is the best place to start on any project, especially a start up or struggling business, where new thinking and outside help may be required. It provides a solid foundation for all subsequent branding and business development.

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