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These are challenging times, but they’re also very interesting, depending on your outlook. For every threat, there’s an opportunity, depending on how you manage the next few months.

Whatever happens, marketing will play a key role. Those who recognise and invest in it will see the benefit as things return to ‘normal’ whatever that might be.

I’ve been designing brands for 38 years now and I still get a real kick out of talking to business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and innovators, sharing my experience.

If you’re struggling to make sense of your business, it’s sometimes nice to get a fresh perspective from someone who’s been there before (and has the grey hair to prove it).

It can be a simple phone call or chat over Zoom, whatever you fancy. There’s no charge and no obligation to take it any further. It’s just a friendly chat between two business people.

You can reach me on 086 818 5558 or jill@passionforcreative.com

Jill Hincks

Your BRAND had better be disruptive or it will fade in to oblivion

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