We know how to connect and communicate with different audiences.

We know the questions to ask our clients: What do you sell? To whom do you sell? How do you sell? We understand the challenges of multi-channel marketing and the opportunities it presents in today’s world.


If you’re lost for words, we can help you find them. We provide a full copywriting, content editing and proofreading service. By putting into words what you want to say, we make sure your audience hears your message loud and clear.

Why hire a copywriter?

Generally speaking, there are three types of writers:

  • Those who write without thinking
  • Those who write before thinking
  • And those who write after thinking

A good copywriter falls into the third category. He spends most of his time thinking and very little of it writing. Before putting pen to paper, he thoroughly researches the subject matter. He figures out what to say and how to say it. In our own case, we have spent days thinking about some projects, and then, when an idea springs to mind, only minutes writing the eventual copy. As with most endeavours, copywriting is part inspiration and part perspiration.

In essence, there are four parts to copywriting:

  • Connectivity – a copywriter must connect with his audience. To do this, he must first understand them. For instance, if addressing small business owners, he must have some knowledge of the issues they face and the environment in which they operate. He must strike a chord with his readers, addressing them directly, empathising with them. He should not be overly familiar though. Otherwise he’ll come across as fake or shallow. Readers aren’t stupid. They know you’ve an agenda. So treat them with respect.
  • Clarity – a copywriter must be clear in his use of language. Suffice to say, simple words work best. As Winston Churchill once said, “Use words everybody knows, then everybody will understand.” Copywriting is about selling. To be persuasive, you must be clear. The words must be easy on the eye as well as the ear. If a reader cannot understand what you’ve written, it’s not his fault; it’s yours.
  • Benefit – a copywriter must sell the benefits. It is these that motivate people to buy. The fact that a new car has a bigger engine is irrelevant. The fact that it’s the fastest on the forecourt is of much more interest. Forget features. To sell a product, you must push its advantages. Highlight them in the headline and mention them throughout. Repetition is the key to retention. Keep it simple and keep saying it.
  • Truthfulness – a copywriter must appear credible. Most people are sceptics and buy only from those they trust. In determining the bona fides of a writer, they read between the lines searching for clues. Testimonials and endorsements work especially well. Words of praise from a satisfied customer are highly effective as are stamps of approval from recognised experts. They all serve to bolster credibility.

Moving on, a good copywriter employs a simple structure:

  • He says what he’s going to say
  • He then says it
  • He says what he’s just said

He starts with an overview, highlighting the main points. He then proceeds to dig deeper, discussing the subject in more detail. He finishes with a summary, reiterating the key points. He knows not to cover too much. He keeps it simple and delivers a clear message. In this respect, a copywriter is not unlike a journalist. He makes sure to answer the big questions up front. Who? What? When? Where? How? Only then does he develop the story, reinforce the message and draw a conclusion.

As a rule of thumb, a good copywriter adopts the AIDA principle:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

It may seem formulaic but it works every time. He grabs their attention by ringing a bell or offering a reward. He holds their interest by being relevant and providing details. He strokes their desires by appealing to their emotions. As David Ogilvy once said, “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative”. A good copywriter must end with a call to action. He must tell the audience what to do. He will not be judged on his artistic merits but on his ability to generate business.

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