We know how to connect and communicate with different audiences.

We know the questions to ask our clients: What do you sell? To whom do you sell? How do you sell? We understand the challenges of multi-channel marketing and the opportunities it presents in today’s world.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy - Marketing, Passion for Creative, Waterford, Ireland

    As a business person, you need to ask yourself three fundamental questions: What do you sell? To whom do you sell? And how do you sell? Only when you answer these key questions can you proceed. And that’s where we can help.


  • Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing is simply talking to your customers directly. We are especially fond of it because you can test and measure it. As a business investment, it's very accountable and cost effective.


  • Copywriting

    Copy Writing Service - Passion for Creative, Waterford, Ireland.

    If you’re lost for words, we can help you find them. We provide a full copywriting, content editing and proofreading service. By putting into words what you want to say, we make sure your audience hears your message loud and clear.


  • Photography

    Photography Service - Passion for Creative, Waterford, Ireland

    As good and all as stock photography can be, sometimes the occasion calls for the real thing – photographs of real staff, actual premises, authentic locations. As graphic and web designers, we know the importance of good photography.