We know how to connect and communicate with different audiences.

We know the questions to ask our clients: What do you sell? To whom do you sell? How do you sell? We understand the challenges of multi-channel marketing and the opportunities it presents in today’s world.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is simply talking to your customers directly. We are especially fond of it because you can test and measure it. As a business investment, it’s very accountable and cost effective.

Direct marketing is one of our core strengths and first loves.

It lies at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s a standalone sales letter or wide ranging email campaign. We believe you can’t sell effectively if you don’t communicate directly. In our experience, every business has three customer types:

  • Active (hot): these are customers with whom you do business on a regular basis, the bread and butter of your organisation.
  • Lapsed (lukewarm): these are clients with whom you do business on an infrequent basis. They occasionally use you for ad-hoc projects.
  • Potential (cold): these are people with whom you have yet to do business. They are within your target market but you have yet to approach or convert them.

It’s a lot easier to win new business from existing customers.

It’s all about building a rapport and remaining top of mind. All too often, businesses focus on “hunting” new accounts or winning new business. They forget about “farming” existing accounts or nurturing existing business. The old adage rings true. It’s a lot easier and less expensive to win new business from existing customers than it is to win new business from new customers.

Direct marketing is very measurable and cost effective.

Of course, the method of approach, design of literature, and tone of voice must match the target audience if direct marketing is to be successful. In short, we love direct marketing. It tells you what the customer wants and doesn’t want. It’s also very measurable and cost effective, which is ultimately what counts.

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