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We have a range of price packages to get you started. We also specialise in search engine marketing, animated video and email marketing – whatever you need to market your business in the digital world.

Animated Video

Animated videos are a powerful marketing tool.

Amimated videos are a great way to communicate with customers and the wider community, be it on your company website or social media channels. As a marketing company, we create videos that tell your brand story. We also create videos that explain things like ‘how to open an account’ or ‘download an app’ or ‘complete a form’. This is where animated videos are particularly useful. They are highly engaging and can convey complex information in a more compelling and memorable way than just text or photos alone.

We can do videos in different styles and lengths

We can do short snappy videos to promote specific products or services, or longer elaborate videos to describe processes or procedures. From a 10-second doodle to a 2-minute feature, we can script and produce whatever type of animated video you need (depending on budget and timeline of course).

Check out some examples of animated videos we’ve completed