First and foremost we are branding experts.

It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps the adrenalin flowing. It’s our bread and butter; our daily fix. We love big ideas, logo design, names and taglines, challenging clients, challenging ourselves, daring to be different.

Brand Strategy

Only when you know your brand can you tell your story.

Using our many years’ experience and specially designed process, we can help to identify and communicate what’s unique about your business. Some call it a brand strategy review. We prefer to call it a Brand Essence Review, because only when you understand the essence of your brand, can you tell your story in a way that excites people.

We start by facilitating a brainstorming session with the key stakeholders.

It usually takes 2-3 hours and provides an open forum for those involved to voice their opinions, share their concerns and offer suggestions on future strategy. We use a series of visual techniques to encourage discussion and generate ideas. Our aim is to strip away the business jargon and non-core issues to get to the crux of your business offering.

We ask 5 simple but fundamental questions:

  • Motivation – Why would anyone buy from you?
  • Performance – How do you compare to your competitors?
  • Personality – What type of characteristics do you display?
  • Role – What part do you play in the lives of your customers?
  • Brand Essence – What are you ultimately selling?

You will have a much better understanding of what you’re really offering.

Clients find our approach very useful because it’s often the first time they’re challenged to think about their business through a customer’s eyes. They emerge with a much better understanding of what they’re really ‘selling’. It gives them the insight and platform they need to tell their story in a creative and compelling way.