First and foremost we are branding experts.

It’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps the adrenalin flowing. It’s our bread and butter; our daily fix. We love big ideas, logo design, names and taglines, challenging clients, challenging ourselves, daring to be different.

  • Brand Strategy

    Brand Strategy - Branding, Passion for Creative, Waterford, Ireland

    Only when you know your brand can you tell your story. Using our many years of branding experience and specially designed process, we can help you extract the essence of your brand and create a story that will interest and excite people.


  • Big Idea

    Big Idea - Branding, Passion for Creative, Waterford, Ireland

    Customers don’t really care ‘what you do’ or ‘how you do it’. The thing that interests them most is ‘why you do it’, why they should care. You need a positioning statement and visual theme. You need a ‘Big Idea’ that will make you stand out.


  • Logo Design

    Logo Design - Branding, Passion for Creative, Waterford, Ireland

    Some marketing companies and design studios talk about logos. We prefer to talk about brands, because to be honest, everyone has a brand whether they like it or not, and a logo is only a small part of it.


  • Names & Taglines

    What’s in a name? A lot actually, which is why companies place so much store in it. We work with a lot of start-ups who are so new they haven’t picked a name yet. We also work with more established businesses who need to change direction.