Parker Law

Project overview

Parker Law is a full-service legal firm offering support to private and commercial clients. They are based in Waterford City and represent clients nationwide. Their specialist experience is in Property, Wills, Tax, Litigation and Commercial matters. We got in touch with them after we came across their website as we felt it didn’t do them justice. As it happened, they were planning to look at it, following a recent merger. We quickly hit it off and put the wheels in motion.

The client was happy with their existing logo and colour scheme, so we worked with that. The website is largely informational which means there’s no ecommerce platform or complicated functionality. That said, it’s tailor designed and not off the shelf. Every page is designed and laid out with a particular focus in mind. There’s a detailed description of the various services as well as key personnel, contact details and a clear call to action. The overall effect is very clean and professional.

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