Belong Kilkenny

Project overview

Belong Kilkenny is a website owned by Kilkenny County Council. Its aim is to promote Kilkenny as a place to live and work, and to that end, to signpost people to relevant information and resources. It used to be called Careers Kilkenny but they felt the name no longer accurately described what they the website did. Their remit had expanded in recent years and they wanted a new name and website that reflected the new environment, hence the name ‘Belong’ which they felt was more emotive and beckoning.

We knew the client well from a previous project we had done called Invest Kilkenny. The later had a similar objective but was aimed at businesses, especially international companies looking to set up in Ireland. It helped therefore that we had worked with them before. It meant they didn’t have to brief us from scratch. We already had a lot of the branding assets and reference material, so we were able to hit the ground running and not waste any time.

The brief for the website was clear. They wanted the design and layout to follow that of Invest Kilkenny, in as much as possible. Yes, we were allowed (and encouraged) to be add extra little flourishes here and there, but by and large, they wanted the Belong Kilkenny website to look like Invest Kilkenny. As they saw it, both websites were part of the same brand family, so it made sense for them to share the same design traits and structural characteristics.

So while we didn’t have to start from scratch and create a whole new look, it wasn’t as simple as copying and pasting everything into the same template. We had a lot of content to collect and edit. We had photos and videos to arrange and display. And most time consuming of all, we had maps and infographics to conceptualise and design. The result was worth it though. The client was delighted with the website and the public response has been great.

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