Travellers of North Cork

Project overview

TNC (Travellers of North Cork) CLG. is a traveller led human rights organisation, working in partnership with the settled community. They promote a greater understanding of traveller culture, as well as better access to services, health care providers, education and employment opportunities for travellers in North Cork.

We got to know them through some work we did for another traveller group. They liked our approach and asked if we could help them as well. Our experience of working with travellers has been very positive so we readily agreed. The project went really well and they were a pleasure to deal with.

They asked us to redesign their logo, but not to transform it. There were elements of the old logo that they wished to retain, namely the horse shoe. Horses are an integral part of traveller culture and a popular symbol in their graphic representation.

Colour also plays an important role in traveller life – they have a keen sense of fashion and style. Our job therefore was to modernise the logo and give it a new lease of life. They were delighted with the finished result and now use it across all their marketing collateral and digital media.

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In the client's own words

We worked with Passion for Creative to help us build our website and design a research report. They were a fantastic support and produced high quality work, linking in to ensure it was just what we wanted. We can't praise them highly enough, the entire team were pleasant to work with and really listened to our needs while guiding us gently to get the job done to a deadline.

Bec Fahy - Project Manager