Frisby Homes

Project overview

Noel Frisby Construction is one of the leading construction companies in the southeast of Ireland. For over 30 years now, it has been a key player in the industry by building quality homes and developing commercial properties around the region and beyond.

They asked us to design a brand identity for their Homes division and another one for their most recent residential development – Foxwood. While the project was quite small and wasn’t going to lead to further work (at least in the short term), we decided to say yes and proceeded to get involved.

The brief was to create a brand identity with an architectural dimension. They wanted something that spoke to the technical nature of their work, hence our suggestion of a 3-D rendition of the letter-F (for Frisby). It was a simple idea, but often the simplest ideas are the best. The logo was designed in such a way that, should they decide in the future to adapt it to other divisions of their business, in a monolithic brand structure, it could be done relatively easily through the use of colour coding (think FedEx).

In the client's own words

We were introduced to Passion by our marketing consultant. She said they would know what do, and she was right. They understood what we wanted from the very beginning. It was clear they had a lot of experience of our sector, and business in general. We got along very well and would certainly recommend them to anyone else.

James Frisby, Managing Director - Frisby Homes