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Project overview

The project arose out of an informal meeting with their CEO, Anne Heraty. She was on the look-out for someone to help them with their brand positioning. She wanted someone to come up with a big idea that captured what they do and how they do it. Thankfully, she was suitably impressed by our straight talking and previous experience, and agreed to give us a go. We haven’t looked back since!

The end goal was to design a new website, but first of all, we had to come up with a “Big Idea” (as we like to call it), something that would capture the emotional context of what they do and more importantly why they do it. It needed to be memorable, sticky, and “disruptive” (our new favourite word).

We worked closely with their marketing team to extract as much detail as possible and any nuggets of information we could use to differentiate them. It quickly became clear that they were hiding their light under a bushel, and that there was much more to them than their website suggested. They were more skilled and experienced than many of their rivals, and better resourced and connected.

In the course of brainstorming, we hit upon “the best people for the job”, a phrase that described them perfectly. But as familiar as these words may be, we found that no one else was leveraging them in their business. Cpl hence had an opportunity to claim them as their own and use them wherever possible. That’s the beauty of a good idea – it’s simple, it’s meaningful and it works on many levels.

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In the client's own words

Since we first engaged the services of Passion for Creative, our expectations have been surpassed in terms of design quality and also the speed of response. Jill and her team took the time to learn our business, meet with our directors and really worked hard at researching all our business needs. They were flexible and committed in meeting our requirements, and showed a great knowledge of commercial web and graphic design which reflected our aspirations. They ensured each web project came in on time and within budget. I’m very happy to recommend Passion for any web design, copywriting and development work.

Anne Heraty, CEO - Cpl Resources plc. 2014