WIT Campus Services

Project overview

WIT Campus Services is responsible for the management of all non-academic services and facilities in Waterford Institute of Technology. This includes accommodation, catering, retail, sports and social services and facilities. It is an integral part of the college community, operating on a non-profit basis to support campus life for the benefit of students.

They first contacted us a few years ago to ask if we would help them with their branding and marketing. We’ve been working with them ever since, as and when they require our services. While budgets have always been tight, the work has always been interesting and we’ve been able to do some really cool stuff over the years, across all media.

One of the largest projects we did for Campus Services was also one of the earliest. They were receiving a lot of negative publicity at the time from different quarters inside the college (especially students and staff) that were under the misapprehension that Campus Services was profiteering from the services it was providing.

To counteract the false illusion, we created a campaign entitled “What’s spent on campus stays on campus”. It was a simple but clever message which made the point that whatever money Campus Services received in the form of sales generated, they reinvested in the business; there was no other agenda or profit motive.

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In the client's own words

We’ve been working with the team in Passion for years. They’re always on the ball, anytime we need anything. They’ve helped us with branding, marketing, design, print… you name it, often at short notice. It’s great working with them.

Kate Kelly - WIT Campus Services