Project overview

ORBITAL is an EU-funded Innovation Training Network (ITN). Its aim is recruit and train 15 early stage researchers (PhD students) across Europe to develop drug delivery technologies that can help treat posterior segment diseases of the eye, e.g. age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes for patients with these conditions.


Its coordinator (who works in Waterford Institute of Technology) asked if we would design the logo and website for the project. He was aware of the good work we had done for other projects (and research centres) in the past, so when he received our proposal, and we were deemed to have met the judging criteria, he was happy to award us the contract.


Working with third level educational establishments is always interesting, especially projects such as this where there the outcomes can be life changing. Our only frustration is their obsession with acronyms. Then again, people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones. The advertising industry is rife with T&FLAs (three-and-four-letter abbreviations)!

This was one of the quickest logos we’ve designed. Firstly, the deadline was very tight, so we had to work fast. Secondly, the brief was very clear, so we had a good idea what they wanted. Thirdly, we’re very good (and modest)! We presented a number of options, all of them good. Their preferred choice, which you see here, is in lower case font (for the most part) and features an orbit shape graphic. It’s clean, simple and does the job (in keeping with all good design).

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