Travellers of North Cork

Project overview

TNC (Travellers of North Cork) CLG. is a traveller led human rights organisation, working in partnership with the settled community. They promote a greater understanding of traveller culture, as well as better access to services, health care providers, education and employment opportunities for travellers in North Cork.

We got to know them through some work we did for another traveller group. They liked our approach and asked if we could help them as well. Our experience of working with travellers has been very positive so we readily agreed. The project went really well and they were a pleasure to deal with.

The main thing they needed from us was a new website. They didn’t have one before so we had to start from scratch, which was fine by us. In fact, it’s often easier to work from a clean slate than it is to try and re-work an existing website. There were three key audiences we needed to consider when building the website – travellers themselves (looking for information about rights and services), other organisations (looking to partner with TNC on certain projects) and funders/sponsors (looking for confirmation and recognition.

The resulting website is easy to navigate with six large circles on the home page directing visitors to the most sought after information. All the pages are clearly laid out with simple text and visual links. There’s lots of bright colours and nice photos, in keeping with the new logo style and design style. It’s built in WordPress so is easy for the client to update if they wish. They also signed up to a service level agreement so we keep an eye on it for them and do all the security checks / plugin updates.

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In the client's own words

We worked with Passion for Creative to help us build our website and design a research report. They were a fantastic support and produced high quality work, linking in to ensure it was just what we wanted. We can't praise them highly enough, the entire team were pleasant to work with and really listened to our needs while guiding us gently to get the job done to a deadline.

Bec Fahy - Project Manager