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South East Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Forces (SERDATF) is one of ten Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Forces around the country. They approached us last year to redesign their website but the conversation quickly turned to their brand message and overall identity. They provide a great service but their website was cluttered. They needed help to simplify their message so that people in need of their services could find and engage with them as easily as possible. This was one of the most rewarding projects we’ve completed in recent years. Yes, it was challenging, but the client was so enthusiastic and engaged in the process that it ultimately more successful.

The new website is first and foremost a Complete Guide to Drug & Alcohol Services in the South East The objective on the home page was to get the information to key users as quickly as possible. By understanding their needs, we were able to break down the services into four main areas – getting started, receiving support, moving on and staying connected. Within three easy clicks, users can select the area most relevant to them, followed by their county and service preference.

Apart from a directory of services, the new website plays host to a wide array of resources such as podcasts, downloads, news and events. It is also home to ‘Better Together’ – their online support service – where people can sign up to become a member and receive all manner of help such as group sessions, social events, peer support and recovery buddy. The website is the first of its kind for such an organisation, and it is hoped to replicate the success across similar organisations.

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In the client's own words

We commissioned Passion to co-produce our new website. They engaged excellently with our groups, made the design process not just simple but enjoyable. Their commitment to taking our differing perspectives and shape them into a combined product demonstrated their skill and expertise. True to their name they brought passion, creativity and experience far beyond what we expected or imagined. For SERDATF, this is just the start of a long relationship with Passion for Creative. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Jim O’Dwyer, SERDATF Development Worker