Aertec TV Solutions

Project overview

At Aertec TV Information Solutions, they design, install and maintain a wide range of TV information solutions for commercial, leisure and residential clients. They have been in operation for over 20 years and earned a strong reputation for unrivalled product knowledge and excellent customer service among a wide client base.

They approached us a few years ago having seen the work we’d done for another client of ours. They were in a transitionary period and were looking for a new brand and website to help propel them to the next level. It was a project we really enjoyed, because we were dealing directly with the business owners who were willing and able to make quick decisions. One of our bugbears is committees; dealing with them can be frustrating because invariably there are too many people with too many opinions.

Before we could design a website, we first needed to design a logo. As it happens, they didn’t need a completely new logo, just a revamp of their existing logo, so as to make it more contemporary. We prepared some initial concepts for them to consider, arising out of carefully chosen styles, colours and fonts. Also included were some descriptor alternatives born out of our initial discussions and the creative brief they filled out. Fortunately there was one they liked and we set about applying it to all their stationery items and marketing collateral.

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In the client's own words

We came to Passion for a new logo and website but came away with so much more. Their marketing expertise and business thinking were an added bonus. They asked intelligent questions and offered practical solutions. We would highly recommend them.

Liam O’Brien, Managing Director - Aertec TV Solutions