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Project overview

No two days are the same in Passion. One day we’re devising a new marketing strategy for a health clinic in London, the next we’re designing a new brand identity for an animal hides company in France. This next project introduced us to the world of black gold and had us reaching for our Stetson cowboy hats.

The company in question is Oilfield Solutions (OFS for short). They operate in the oil and gas, power generation and energy industries. Based in Naas, Co. Kildare, they have a significant global footprint with offices in the UK, US, Dubai, Singapore, Algeria, Argentina and Norway.

They deliver a full range of rotating equipment, balance of plant and process services to key players across the world. Anyway, they got in touch with us a few months ago and asked if we could help with their branding, marketing and design. Of course we said yes; it was too exciting a project to turn down.

First things first, we gathered all the key stakeholders, including their senior directors and top managers, for an in-depth brainstorming session, during which we asked them some fundamental questions about their business in an attempt to figure out what exactly made them unique or special.

It’s what we call a brand strategy review and the objective is to strip away the layers of corporate speak and get to the essence of a business or brand. By encouraging discussion, generating ideas and gaining consensus, a brand strategy review is the best place to start on any project, especially one such as this where new thinking is required. The participants really enjoyed it and found our creative approach very different. You could see afterwards that they were much more focused and really charged up.

The next step was to re-design their logo. By their own admission, the old logo was a bit tired and washed out. It didn’t capture the energy and vibrancy of their industry or convey any feelings of positivity or dynamism. The new one is a significant improvement, we think you’ll agree.

The circular image represents a gas turbine when fired up and rotating at full speed. The tagline “Powerful Partners” describes the relationship they have with their customers; strong and durable. It’s also a play on words and a statement of confidence. The client warmed to it straight away and the new brand became the basis for all subsequent work.

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In the client's own words

Following an-depth evaluation process, we selected Passion to design our new logo and website. We also asked them to re-design all our marketing collateral. The net result is a brand identity and presentation material we can be really proud of.

Kate Hurley, Sales & Marketing - Oilfield Solutions