Consort Group

Project overview

Consort Group is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum forming and customised casing in the UK and Ireland. Irish owned and operated with over 50 years’ experience, they serve a wide range of markets, from semi-conductor to agri-tech. Their clients are among the biggest in their fields with diverse requirements and demanding schedules. A family run business, Consort have earned a strong reputation based on their personal service, professionalism and long-standing relationships.

We got to know them because they’re based in the same business park as ourselves. They had been on our radar for some time, so when the opportunity arose to work with them, we were delighted. They were a pleasure to deal with – very respectful. They were also very honest, telling us at the outset that tackling a new website was a daunting exercise for them. Thankfully, we were able to give them the reassurance they needed, and we guided the step by step through the process.

They wanted a nice simple website, so that’s what we gave them. The most important point they wanted to get across was the diversity of markets they served. That’s why we featured their key markets on the home page of the website, in a spot that no visitor would miss. We also listed their key services, so if nobody went any further than the home page, they would at least know Consort’s key markets and services. Box ticked!

For the rest of the website, we substantiated the home page with lots of examples and more information about particular services and products. Similar to many manufacturers, it can be difficult to explain in words what they do. That’s why good photos are so important; they paint a thousand words. Thankfully, they agreed and hired an excellent photographer (Neal Byrne) who took some great shots, and helped to bring the website to life.

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In the client's own words

I think every SME finds tackling a new website daunting and time consuming and often you don't know where to start. Passion for Creative took these worries away and led us step by step through the process and didn't rush us. They encouraged us to take our time and accepted we all had other priorities running a small business. This enabled us to put proper thought into what we wanted, and the result was both calculated and far superior to what we had first envisaged. A huge thank you to all the team.

Richard Kimpton, General Manager - Consort Group