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Project overview

Interaction is a major player in the global BPO service industry where they deliver contact centre outsourcing solutions to companies doing business in Europe. They manage complex customer and client interactions in highly regulated and multilingual sales, service, support and claims operations.

They were introduced to us by their Group CEO and Marketing Director with a view to re-branding the company and re-doing all their marketing collateral, especially the website. It was an exciting and challenging task that quickly became one of our most enjoyable and rewarding projects.

First things first, we needed to create a new brand story. After much research and deliberation, we hit upon the concept of a “sweet spot” which we believed best encapsulated what they do and how they do it. We describe it as follows on the home page of their website.

“We (Interaction) work at the intersection between you and your customer, that crucial point of interaction* where expectations are high and communication is critical. We like to think of it as the sweet spot because if you make the right connection, the results can be hugely positive and very rewarding. It’s the unique overlapping point at which your commercial objectives and customer’s objectives coincide, and where we can add value.”

It was a powerful idea, and one that became the foundation stone for everything that followed. The client loved it, and with good reason; it described what they do in a nutshell and could be easily understood.

The new logo was born out of the new brand story and is a simple representation of the point of intersection (sweet spot) between Interaction and their customers. The overlapping point on the middle is marked with an asterisk. The two parties are shown as speech bubbles either side. The colours and fonts were chosen to be corporate and contemporary, but slightly playful and disruptive.

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In the client's own words

Passion for Creative was introduced to us through our Group CEO and Marketing Director. This warm referral helped us to get off to a good start but Passion still needed to convince us that they understood our industry and in particular our business proposition. We were delighted at how well they 'got' our business and did an excellent job at conveying our core brand messages. They delivered on time and on budget, and given that re-branding is really tricky, they did very well at managing our expectations. We really enjoyed working with Passion. They have a very powerful methodology framework and this was essential to managing the huge number of decision points.

John Drury - Interaction Europe