Polar Ice Tech

Project overview

Polar IceTech provides eco-friendly cryogenic cleaning solutions to a wide range of industries. For over a decade, they have built an unrivalled reputation among SME’s and multinational companies around Ireland, saving them time and money by increasing productivity and safety as well as improving the lifespan of equipment and reducing their carbon footprint.

Based in Cork and Belfast, they got in touch with us through a marketing consultant who briefed us on her client’s requirements and collaborated with us for the duration of the project. Every day is a school day, as the saying goes, and we certainly learned a lot about cryogenics, sublimation and the challenges of applying complex graphics to a wide range of vehicle livery.

The client’s previous logo was past its sell by date, and they realised it, which is why they approached us. They wanted their new logo to encapsulate the point at which the dry ice comes into contact with the material it’s cleaning. The point is one of sublimation where literally everything is blasted clean in a moisture-free, non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic, eco-friendly way.

To represent the sublimation we designed a star burst on a black background. It was a simple but effective means of explaining the cryogenic process. The whiteness of the star burst signified the cleanliness of the outcome and efficiency of the process, in stark contrast with the blackness of the background which signified the general dirt and pre-existing state of the machinery being cleaned.

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