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QED Accreditation Advisors are a higher education consulting firm that provide tailored strategic advice to business school deans and executive offices across the globe. Through their unparalleled accreditation expertise, they help client business schools choose the accreditation that will benefit their school and help them achieve their aims.

We met them at a networking event in Dublin a few years ago. When the need arose to review their branding and update their website, they asked if we would assist them. We didn’t need to be asked twice as it we knew it would be an interesting project, straddling as it did the rarefied world of university campuses with the cut and thrust of business education.

Once the brand strategy was in place, the website itself was reasonably straightforward to build. The main challenge was gathering the content; the client had a lot of articles and testimonials they wanted to feature. A key part of the website is the ‘Updates’ section. This is similar to a blog or news section which the client updates with interesting articles. It is very good for SEO purposes as it keeps the website fresh and relevant. It also demonstrates to the reader that you have your finger on the pulse and that you know what you’re talking about.

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