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Project overview

DMG Architects are not your usual architects. Yes, they work on the same types of projects as other architects – extensions, renovations, new builds, commercial projects – but their approach is different. They believe you only get out of a project what you put into it, which is why they invest a lot of time at the early design and concept stage. As professional architects, they understand the build process inside out so they can guide and assist clients through the various stages, saving a lot of time and money.

We hit it off with them the first time we met. As fellow creatives, we saw many similarities in our work processes and how they differed to other architects. They were full of energy and enthusiasm (like us) and were very keen to disrupt what can be a very traditional industry. When they asked if we could work with them to design a new brand and website, we were delighted to get involved. There was a lot of strategic thinking required on this project (not just pretty pictures) to tease out the customer journey and trigger points.

New Website

The website was a joy to design – very visual (as you would expect) and fluid (to reflect their work style). As well as a factual overview of their business, ethos and key personnel, the website includes lots of case studies of projects they’ve completed (residential and commercial) and a dynamic news section. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of good photography on a website, especially in an industry like architecture, where customers want to see what other work you’ve done before they even consider making an enquiry.

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In the clients own words

Engaging Passion for Creative to bring our new brand ideas and service offerings to life was a partnership from the very beginning. They took us on a journey, taking us out of our comfort zones, which made us reflect on our direction and offering for the present and future. This has proved invaluable and given us the confidence to seek out new opportunities as we tell our story to a more captive audience

Karen Douglas, DMG Architects