Dr. Paul Heenan

Project overview

Dr Paul Heenan is an established GP in Lambeth, south London. He is also a partner in Clapham Family Practice (whose branding and website we also designed). His medical interests include psychiatric care and minor surgery.

We got to know Paul well during the re-design of the Clapham Family Practice website, and also the work we did for SELDOC (of which he was a board member) so when he asked us to design a website for his private clinic, we were happy to accommodate him.

We saw little point in building an elaborate website with multiple pages, blogging facility and the like. Like many doctors, Paul is a busy man. He doesn’t have time to update the content on his website or make lengthy blog posts. He just wanted a simple website with a quick overview of his services and experience.

There’s a lot to be said for a one page website. There’s less clutter, quicker load speed, better mobile experience and simplified SEO. The reader is more focused on the content because there is less of it and fewer things to distract them. Last but not least, a single page website is usually faster and less expensive to build.

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In the client's own words

I’ve worked with Passion on a variety of projects over the years. They’re nothing short of inspirational – very creative, very imaginative. They’re also very practical and resourceful – you don’t have to hold their hand, they just get on with it.

Dr Paul Heenan