Midlife Women Rock Project

Project overview

Breeda Bermingham is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Midlife Women Rock Project and Cafes (2019), a psychology and sociology graduate, and a mum of four. She is on a mission to disrupt the way menopause has been framed and gently supports women to navigate their midlife years. She got in touch with us through the Local Enterprise Office and asked if we would design her branding and website. Breeda is a real tour de force and it was great to be involved in such a worthwhile cause.

By using the soft colour scheme from the logo, we were able to design a calm and reassuring website. The aim was to create a space that felt confident and where women felt comfortable. Menopause has been a taboo subject for too long and we wanted to help Breeda empower other women to speak up and discuss the matter in an open and positive manner. The website therefore has lots of useful information and relaxing images to encourage women and put them at ease.

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In the client's own words

Passion did a fantastic job in creating my website. I can highly recommend their work, professionalism and superb creative abilities, so much so that I continue to work with them today. Huge thanks to all the team who have worked on this project to date.

Breeda Bermingham - Midlife Women Rock Project