Irish College of Physicists in Medicine (ICPM)

Project overview

The Irish College of Physicists in Medicine (ICPM) is the voluntary registration body for Medical Physicists in Ireland. Membership is open to those deemed competent to perform work that demands scientific knowledge and expertise in the application of physics and applied physics to problems of healthcare delivery and development.

We got to know some of the key people through a previous project we did for a related organisation. When the need arose for a new website, they got in touch and briefed us on their requirements. It turned out to be a much bigger project than we anticipated, but we rose to the challenge and actually really enjoyed it. There was a lot of complexity to be considered, but with patience and goodwill on both sides, we got there in the end, and they were delighted with the finished product.

The first aim of the website was to facilitate online applications for ICPM membership. As such, we had to design and build a comprehensive application form, broken down into a series of steps and stages, with the ability to upload/attach support documentation as proof/evidence of ID and experience. The second aim of the website was to provide a private login area for members to edit their profile and update the CPD details.

The CPD section was particularly tricky, because we had to factor in many different permutations and combinations of CPD points and submissions. Thanks to some good planning and testing, we were able to iron out any issues and get it working. The front end of the website was reasonably straightforward, just a handful of brochure style pages. It was the backend of this website that made for a complicated, but ultimately very rewarding project.

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