Clapham Family Practice

Project overview

We’ve been on quite a run lately, doing lots of cool projects, many of them in the healthcare sector, and many of them on the international stage. Our latest project managed to combine both – Clapham Family Practice in London. It’s an established, high-performing clinic in the centre of Clapham with state of the art facilities and a diverse patient population. It’s a great place; the doctors and staff are super professional but very friendly. Anyway, they approached us a few years ago for assistance with their branding, marketing and advertising. They had very ambitious plans and needed a full service agency to help them get there. How could we refuse?

We first of all set about re-designing their logo. The old one was a bit dull and boring. It didn’t capture any of the life or soul of the clinic; it didn’t speak to the target audience or convey any feelings of warmth or affection. The new one is a marked improvement. It’s visual, but simple, with minimal text and imagery. It works well in any space, big or small, online or offline. It simply says who they are and creates a sense of family and community. It captures the reality of diversity within modern day families and creates a sense of community and solidarity. Job done!

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In the client's own words

Working with Passion was a breeze. I simply told them our objectives and they did the rest. They designed the logo, arranged the photography, wrote the content, you name it. I had very little to do, apart from giving my feedback and approving each stage. They were a delight to work with, very curious and creative, always asking questions and trying new things.

Dr Paul Heenan - Clapham Family Practice