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Project overview

When Kjell first rang me and suggested I have a look at helping him with a shop makeover, I jumped at the chance. He kindly said that he had been looking for an opportunity to work with us as he had long admired our work, which was nice to hear.

We subsequently met and he showed me his initial thoughts on the shop layout. I was inspired by the interior layout he had chosen. It reminded us of the Apple Store in New York – a ‘Mecca’ for any graphic designer.

We carried out a brand review to bring Kjell and his team on a journey of discovery. Sometimes looking at your own business can be hard. Thankfully they were open to new ideas, so it was a big departure from their current style.

I suggested that the Optician brand and new Hearing brand work together as one strong brand, each feeding of the strength of the other. I looked at creating logo motifs that would work for either brand. You can see the results in the video here.

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In the client's own words

The Nölke Opticians brand had evolved from a homemade logo in 2004 to a modern brand in 2008. In the last two years it has evolved again into "Nölke Opticians and Hearing" with a unique opportunity to refit and expand the practice. This presented a difficult challenge in designing a new optical practice, combining the warmth of the old practice with the new brand that is contemporary, customer focused, clear and cohesive. The customer journey and in-store experience was paramount. We needed to provide a consistent experience throughout the store.
I had been aware of Jill and Passion for Creative for many years and was always impressed by their ability to bring brand, logo, tagline, colour and design together to build trust and tell a story. This is difficult to get right and usually the reserve of much larger companies. I knew what I wanted before I met Jill but had no idea how to get there. The worry of the expense involved in the expansion, not yielding the right result, was enough to stall the whole idea. The decision to call Jill was truly a turning point from which the project turned from idea to reality.
Working with Jill has been an absolute pleasure. She made the experience enlightening, creative and fun. Our entire team is delighted with the outcome and the customer response has been truly positive. One of my longstanding customers said it is just wonderful to have a resource like this locally. I can't thank Jill and her colleagues enough for their service and look forward to the continued evolution of our customer communications, website and marketing.

Kjell Nölke - Nölke Opticians & Hearing