Diarmuid Molony – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Project overview

Diarmuid Molony is a very experienced and highly qualified orthopaedic surgeon specialising in the shoulder and elbow. He works in Tallaght University Hospital, the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry and the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin.

He provides a wide variety of orthopaedic services focussed on shoulder and elbow conditions including management of fractures and dislocations, shoulder and elbow instability, and soft tissue/tendon repair. He also specialises in degenerative conditions of the shoulder and elbow up to and including joint replacement and revision surgery.

We were recommended to him by another medical professional whose branding and website we had just completed and which he really liked. It didn’t take long for us to agree a deal and set to work. Diarmuid and his team were a pleasure to work with, and while the project took a bit longer to complete than anticipated (through nobody’s fault), everyone was delighted with the result.

When we set out to design a logo for Diarmuid, we knew it had to smart and simple. After experimenting with a few different options, we settled on a largely typographical solution with the letters D and M forming the upper body of a person and the left shoulder and elbow highlighted.

It’s an understated but elegant design, in keeping with his chosen profession and the overall context. It works equally well online and offline and sets the right tone for everything that follows, especially his website which we then went onto design.

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In the client's own words

I found Passion very easy to deal with. As a busy surgeon it sometimes took me a while to complete my side of the work, but they were very understanding and patient. The product is great, and I think it will deliver the information my patients need.

Diarmuid Molony – Orthopaedic Surgeon