Dr Rayond B Cadwell Ph.D

Project overview

Dr Raymond B Cadwell PhD is a 30-year veteran of personal transformation practice. He integrates biomagnetic therapy with trauma therapy, ancestral, nutrition and soul healing. Clients come from all over the world to receive treatments and seek his advice.

He contacted us for advice on branding and promoting his new training courses for practitioners. We were intrigued by his methods and eager to learn more. After an initial meeting and a few phone calls, we agreed terms and got started.

They say that ‘every day is a school day’ and that was certainly the case with this project. We learned a lot about biomagnetic therapy and the health conditions it can treat. The work we did was very well received and played a big role in his sales and marketing efforts.

As part of the project, we were tasked with designing and building a new website. The main objective was to create a space that instilled confidence and felt restful. It needed to inspire confidence so that anyone looking at the website (especially practitioners) would feel comfortable taking the next step and contact Raymond for more information. The design is very visual with lots of bright colours, natural images, interesting diagrams and understandable content, presented in a clear and concise fashion.

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In the clients own words

There has been a great reaction to my website. The team at Passion really got my vision. They really helped me hone the content to make it easy to digest. They were very creative, efficient, and great value for the investment.

Dr Raymond B Cadwell, PhD - Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy