Eye & Face Clinic

Project overview

The Eye & Face Clinic is based in the Williamstown Centre in Waterford city. As their name suggests, they provide a wide range of ophthalmology (eye) and cosmetic (face) services. The clinic is headed up by consultants John Doris and Janice Brady, both highly respected in their fields.

They approached us late last year when they were first considering the new venture and needed some advice on branding and marketing. We admired their enthusiasm and could see huge potential in the business. We also liked the fact that they were so nice and down to earth.

Seeing as they were moving into new premises, they needed to decorate the place from scratch. We advised them on the colour scheme for the walls and furniture and designed the signage for inside and outside the clinic, including windows and doors. We also dealt with a local signage company on their behalf to ensure everything was produced and installed without a hitch.

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In the clients own words

The team at Passion provided us with the ultimate personalised approach to our brand identity. They moved us from concept to action and helped us overcome our inertia. We’re delighted with the results and look forward to continue working with them.

Janice Brady & John Doris