Whitfield Clinic

Project overview

Whitfield Clinic is a state-of-the-art hospital in Waterford city. They had just emerged from a difficult period and asked if we would help to re-brand and market them to GPs across the southeast and the public at large. Because it’s a great hospital, and because they were open to new ideas, we agreed to get involved, and help to re-energise and re-position them, starting with their branding strategy, and moving onto their logo, website, press ads etc. Everyone at Whitfield was delighted with the results, and so were we.

First things first, we arranged an in-depth brainstorming session with their senior managers and key staff. It’s something we call a “brand strategy review” and it’s the best place on a project such as this where new thinking is required; it’s important to give everyone their say and get everyone on board.

Emerging from the brainstorm was a clearer understanding of what they were really “selling” and the beginning of a campaign idea summed up in the line “You’re amazing, let’s keep it that way”. We all agreed that Whitfield Clinic is not just about the medical facilities or consultant expertise; it’s about the health benefits and emotional wellbeing they provide. It’s about accessible, affordable healthcare that puts people first and makes them feel amazing.

There was no need to scrap their old logo or design a new one from scratch. In light of the new branding strategy, we were happy to retain the essence of their old logo and just give it a new lease of life. By not straying too far from what they had, we still managed to adapt it sufficiently. Through the use of better typography and stronger colours, we created a more appealing, attractive logo; one that communicated their caring to much greater effect.

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In the client's own words

We began working with Passion in late 2012. With their help and expertise, we have been able to realise the potential of the Whitfield Clinic brand. They advised and guided us every step of the way, from updating our logo to re-designing our website. We have also used them for press ads and signage design as they have the vision we needed to give us a strong identity in our market place. They really are a wonderful agency and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Frances Carey - Whitfield Clinic