Carten Controls

Project overview

Carten Controls is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance valves and flow solutions for ultra-high purity systems in industries where cleanliness, containment and delivery are critical for process efficiency and reliability. Their EMEA headquarters is in Waterford from where they serve their international client base.

They initially approached us for help with their website, but as often happens, the conversation broadened to their overall branding and marketing. They had been growing at such a rapid pace in recent years that their branding and marketing had lost their consistency and creativity, so they needed to be refreshed and reapplied across all channels.

In truth, this project took a long time to complete, due partly to Covid, but also to the fact that they were so busy serving their clients that they sometimes had to put their own stuff on hold. It’s something we’re very mindful of when working with clients. As much as we want to get the job done, our clients have many different things on their to-do list, and we won’t always be on it.

Once the new branding was in place, we designed all their marketing collateral and print items, including the signage for their offices.

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