Irish Congenital Heart Centre

Project overview

The Irish Congenital Heart Centre is based in Blackrock Clinic, Dublin. It provides a dedicated overarching service to adults living with congenital heart disease in Ireland. It cares for all types of congenital heart disease (simple and complex) as well as aortic disease (aortopathy) and women with heart defects who undertake pregnancy.

They contacted us having seen the work we’d done for another consultant in Blackrock Clinic. They needed a new logo and website and felt we were the best people for the job. It was such a good idea and worthwhile cause that we were delighted to get involved. They’re an impressive group of people – very professional, yet very personable.

Brand Design

The Irish Congenital Heart Centre was a new organisation with no previous logo. As such, we had to create a visual identity from scratch, something we’re well used to doing. Having met them and discussed the requirements, we did our research and presented a series of options. The logo you see here was their preferred choice.

In the shape of a heart with a person at the centre, the logo encapsulates what they do. The design is simple and uncluttered, the colours are warm and friendly. It works well across all media – online and offline – and exudes confidence and reassurance. For a new organisation, the logo makes them look established and very professional.

Other sectors

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