The Little Milk Company

Project overview

The Little Milk Company is a group of Irish organic dairy farmers. All their cheese is hand made using raw milk and a traditional nineteenth century recipe. They have been blazing a trail in recent years on the international food scene, scooping up awards wherever they go.

We first met them when they were a fledgling enterprise. They had a name but no logo, no leaflet, no website, no nothing. What struck us most on that first encounter was their passion. It was clear they loved the cheese and the land from which it came.

The inspiration for the branding (and packaging) was the Austin Clarke poem “The Lost Heifer”, especially the last line about “the mist becoming rain”. The image of the cows in the field is unmistakeably Irish but not stereotypically so. It’s more contemporary and nuanced. The modern typeface and poetic verse lend it an air of charm and sophistication.

It goes without saying that we’re proud of all of our children, but if we were allowed to have favourites, this would be up there. As a brand identity, it has been widely acclaimed and won numerous plaudits. It just goes to show that given the right mix of ingredients – an authentic product, a genuine client and a creative agency – great logos can be born.

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In the client's own words

The reaction to the branding and packaging has been hugely positive. It has helped us gain entry into many speciality food shops in Ireland and open discussions for export to the UK, arrangements for which are now at an advanced stage.

Pat Mulrooney - The Little Milk Company