Chia Bia

Project overview

Chia Bia sells a wide range of food products to health shops, speciality stores and general supermarkets in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. They approached us a few months ago and asked if we would design a new wrapper for their Chia bar.

This was very much a team effort and we worked closely with the marketing and production people at Chia Bia to achieve the finished result. We had great fun doing it, and sampling the merchandise along the way. If there’s one thing we learned on this project, it’s that chia seeds are very healthy, and that Chia bars are very, very tasty.

The client wanted something brighter and more contemporary, with lots of colour and vibrancy. They wanted to stand out from other nutritional bars and health food products. The retail environment is a very competitive space with shelf space at a premium and different brands scrambling for the same consumer.

Also, with the growing publicity around chia seeds and the energy food market in general, they knew the Chia bar was strong enough to succeed; they just needed the packaging to match. That’s why good design is essential if you want customers to notice your product and then hopefully purchase it.

In the client's own words

We have received many compliments from our customers and other parties on the re-design of our Chia bars. The team at Passion were great – they worked to deadlines, responded very quickly and were extremely friendly.

Claire Williams, Marketing Executive - Chia Bia