Naturally Cordial

Project overview

Naturally Cordial is a whole fruit cordial drink. Based in Co. Wexford, they use local fruit from their neighbours and friends, along with organic citrus fruit, to make their award-winning range. Available in 10 different flavours, the product are 100% natural, with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or enhancers.

We first met Clodagh back in 2014 when she asked us to designing her logo and labels. We quickly realised that her approach to cordial was refreshingly different. She wanted to do for cordial what Perrier did for water. We’ve been on that journey with her ever since, making the world more cordial.

Every brand needs two things – an identity and a story. The identity has to work across a variety of media – traditional and digital. In this case, it had to work particularly well on the bottles themselves, as a core element of the labels. This was particularly challenging, given the wide array of underlying colours – blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry etc.

The tagline ‘making the world more cordial’ was an early favourite and quickly stuck. As for the brand story, we penned the following:

“Naturally Cordial is best enjoyed in the company of others, shared with family and friends, extended to guests and visitors. It’s for special occasions and social events – anywhere people are gathered in the spirit of togetherness. Once poured, it creates a cordial atmosphere – gracious and hospitable, warm-hearted and good-natured. It’s also for those private moments of self-reward and self-indulgence, relaxation and reflection. Experience Naturally Cordial for yourself, and share that cordial feeling.”

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In the client's own words

I have really super labels that make Naturally Cordial stand out and for which everyone gives me compliments. The new branding is definitely winning customers for me. Great work from Passion.

Clodagh Davis - Naturally Cordial