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Project overview

Being healthy is not about fad diets or counting calories, running marathons or lifting weights. It’s about knowing your body and how it works. Only then will you know what it needs and how to look after it.

That’s what Michael Kindregan, the founder of MK Health, strongly believes. He’s a one to one health coach who teaches people about their body and the things that affect it, such as sleep, hormones and energy. He helps them understand their body type, natural weight and digestive system. He looks at all aspects of their health including their nutrition, movement and work life balance.

When we first met Michael, he was brimming with knowledge and enthusiasm. It was clear he loved what he did and that he had what it to took to turn his passion into a profession. We were delighted when he asked us to share the journey with him as his marketing partner.

Apart from the website, we also designed all his stationery items (business card, compliment slip, letterhead) and marketing collateral (6-page leaflet, pull up stand, direct mail letter). It was great to see everything come together so well.

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In the client's own words

Working with Passion has been a great experience. It’s a very friendly and comfortable environment, which allowed me to express myself freely. They listened to my ideas and helped transform them into reality. I now have a wonderful website and marketing collateral that meets all my requirements and expresses my vision.

Michael Kindregan, Owner - MK Health