Clonmel Credit Union

Project overview

Clonmel Credit Union are one of the largest and most progressive credit unions in the region.  They approached us in 2018 and asked us to design a campaign to promote their interest rebate.

The interest rebate had become a significant event in the local economy.  Members who had taken out loans with Clonmel Credit Union would receive a 30% rebate on the amount of interest they paid that year.

It was the equivalent of a €2 million injection into the local economy every year, a welcome boon to hard-pressed retailers, especially in the runup to the Christmas.

This was an exciting project to work on.  It wasn’t a typical loan campaign so we had to think a little bit differently.  The end result was a colourful and catchy campaign that really hit home.

This was a wide-reaching campaign.  We designed everything from posters to press ads, leaflets to signage and everything in between.  There wasn’t anything inside and outside their main branch that we didn’t design for the duration of the campaign.  The client was delighted with the finished product and the feedback from members and the general public was very positive.