Greystones Credit Union

Project overview

Greystones Credit Union is a community-based credit union. Based in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, it has over 12,000 members and provides a wide range of loans, savings and complementary services. Established in 1969, it is owned and controlled by its members and enjoys an excellent reputation in the local community.

They got in touch with us in early 2018 having seen the work we had done for other credit unions. They wanted to launch and promote two new loan products but weren’t sure how to go about it. They needed someone to give them ideas and manage the process. We really enjoyed this project because everyone we met was fully on-board.

Their previous logo was a bit dated and very similar to the generic credit union logo. It needed more warmth and personality. The new logo we designed was largely typographical with the option of an accompanying graphic icon. The main font we chose was Gotham, which gave it a confident, reassuring appearance. The graphic was an outline illustration of a couple walking arm in arm. Other illustration options included a woman with a buggy, a couple with a child, a man with a surfboard etc.

We also had a look at their brand story to bring out the salient points. Like most credit unions, Greystones Credit Union was hiding its light under a bushel. After an explorative brainstorm with their board of directors and senior management team, we proposed the tagline ‘for life and community’. As follows is the opening paragraph from their new ‘brand story’. It summarises who they are, what they do, and why they do it:

“At Greystones Credit Union, we belong to the people and are proud to be local. We’ve been here for the last 50 years, and here we will stay. When life gets busy and you find yourself juggling expenses, we’re here to support you and give you the finance you need. From a member’s early years to their later days, we’re the constant in people’s lives, we’re the heart of the local community. That’s why we’re here – for life and community.”

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In the client's own words

We started working with Passion in 2018 and have found their approach ideal for our needs. Their understanding of working with credit unions and the market we operate in has been of enormous benefit. The level of work and support provided to us in developing a brand strategy and targeted marketing campaigns has proved top class.

Billy Coyle, CEO - Greystones & District Credit Union