Dundalk Credit Union

Project overview

Dundalk Credit Union is a large credit union in the north east of the country, with over 25,000 members. They approached us in 2018 for help with their marketing design. Like most credit unions, they wanted to increase their loan book and membership base. When we first met them, they were very impressed with our creative thinking and fresh ideas. We also got a good vibe from them – they were keen to be different and could see the advantage of partnering with an agency like us.

Between us we came up with the idea of ‘Dream Big’ for a campaign theme. They wanted to get the message across that it didn’t matter why a person wanted a loan. Whatever the reason, whatever ‘dream’ or aspiration a member had, Dundalk Credit Union could make it happen by giving them a ‘Dream Big’ Loan. And that, when you think of it, is the power of a credit union loan; it allows people to ‘Dream Big’ and realise their ambitions.

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