Enfield Credit Union

Project overview

Enfield Credit Union is a long-established credit union with almost 9,000 members. They have a good reputation in the local community, but like many credit unions, they’re always under pressure to increase their loan book. Covid-19 hasn’t helped matters. So, they turned to us for some assistance and guidance. We were recommended to them by a neighbouring credit union, so it didn’t take us long to agree a deal and get down to business.

An initial brainstorm with the key stakeholders got everyone talking and exchanging ideas. At the end of our lively discussion, we all agreed on the tagline ‘We’re with you every step’. It succinctly captured their brand essence and reason for being. When expanding it into a brand story, we articulated it as follows:

“From little steps to big steps, we’re always there for you. For hard times and good times, we’ve always got your back. For 50 years now, we’ve enabled the local community to save together and lend to each other. We know that behind every loan is a real person at some stage of their life journey. At Enfield Credit Union, we’re with you every step.”

They didn’t want to stray too far from the previous logo, which was fair enough. In fact, we often say to clients that it’s not always necessary to throw out your current logo and start from scratch. A slight adjustment or simple tweak can be enough to give an old logo a new lease of life. And that is what we did for Enfield Credit Union. Though not dramatically different, the new logo is more contemporary and better suited to new media.

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In the client's own words

We would like to thank all the team at Passion for Creative for their hard work and creativity designing the new branding and signage. We are delighted with everything.

Robert O’Reilly, Chairperson - Enfield Credit Union