Ian Kelly Orthopaedics

Ian Kelly Orthopaedics Overview

Project Background

Ian Kelly is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon based at Whitfield Clinic in Waterford. He specialises in hip and knee replacement as well as foot and ankle surgery. He got in touch with us a few months ago to ask if we’d design a website for him. We were recommended to him by Whitfield Clinic whose website we built in 2013.

Anyway, we really warmed to him when we first met and wanted to help him as best we could. Thankfully, the project went very smoothly, due mainly to his enthusiasm and good nature. He got involved in the process from the get go and gave us lots of really good material. It was a pleasure working with him.

Brand Strategy

Before we could design his website, we first needed to design his brand identity. Ian wanted something modern and contemporary, but nothing too funky or hipster. While it was important for him to appear current and progressive, he didn’t want to come across as too bold or daring. People look for a safe pair of hands when selecting a consultant, someone confident and experienced, not some renegade maverick.

The logo we designed was clever but not too clever. A typographical solution, it was a play on the letters I and K, his initials. It also doubled as an abstract representation of two people – the doctor and patient. We selected the colours – a combination red, white and black – because they work well together and because they’re not what you traditionally associate with the medical profession.

Web Design

Ian’s main reason for wanting a new website was to speak directly to potential patients and medical professionals. Increasingly, Google is the first port of call for people with a medical complaint and GPs looking to refer patients to a specialist. Ian wanted his website to be a valuable source of information for both groups of people. Not only was the design and choice of imagery very important but so too was the language and tone of voice. We wanted to avoid medical jargon and consultant speak. The wording needed to be clear and concise, easy to read and understand. We had to anticipate the needs and anxieties of those visiting the website. We had to reassure them that they were in the right place and that Ian could help them.

A key aspect of the website is its ‘responsiveness’ (the way it adapts to mobile devices). We can’t emphasise how important this has become, especially when you consider that 3 out of 4 people who access the Internet now do so on a mobile device. Furthermore, in a few weeks’ time, Google is going to start penalising websites that aren’t responsive, so if you have a website that’s over three years old, now would be a good time to re-design it. We’re happy to advise you if you need any help.

Another important aspect of this website was the CMS (content management system). Ian wanted full control of his website so he could update the content himself. With that in mind, we built it on Concrete 5 – a very easy to use CMS – and ideally suited to a website such as this which has no ecommerce or complicated backend. 

The Last Word

It was a pleasure to work with Passion for Creative and I am delighted with my new website. They listened to my requests, assisted me through every step of the process and gave me clear and sound advice. The result speaks for itself.

Ian Kelly

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